Justin Mariner

The Globe

What were the 3 venues for Elizabethan theater? Describe each.

The three venues were Inn-yards, Open Air Ampitheaters, and Indoor Playhouses. Inn-yards were the cheap early commercial theatres in private Inns with a capacity of 500 viewers. Open Air Amphitheaters were very similar to football stadiums with a capacity ranging from 1500 to 3000 people. And Indoor Playhouses were small and private indoor halls with a capacity of 500 viewers that were open to anyone who could afford.

When was the globe built?

The Globe theatre was built circa 1599.

How many spectators could it hold?

It had a capacity of 3000 people.

How big was the stage?

The grand stage of The Globe was 42 feet wide and 28 feet deep.

What is the Shakespeare-worthy story behind the Globe and its location?

Lord Chamberlain’s men owned a theatre, but their lease to the land under it ran out. The original builder, James Burbage, decided to tear down the theatre and move the materials across the Thames to Bankside, where he then constructed The Globe.