Justin Mariner

What’s Next?

After High School

On the August 22nd after high school, I will be starting my first day at ECPI University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in web development. A big selling point, which convinced me to choose ECPI, is that it is specialized in field of Computer Science, which has been my main interest throughout high school. This means that the majority of the classes are technology-related in some way: so no more learning about history, which I never had interest in. My time at ECPI will allow me to do similar to what I did here at Ocean Lakes: discover my interests and push towards them as much as possible.

The More Distant Future

In 5 years or so, I see myself certainly finding a career in computer science, but maybe not necessarily web development; I haven’t quite found the specific part of technology that I enjoy the most, but I know ECPI will help me change that. On top of that, I plan on eventually moving in with the love of my life; I can’t know for sure where I’ll go from there, but I’m certain it will be great.