Justin Mariner
Ocean Lakes High School
885 Schumann Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Graduation Date: June 2016
GPA: 3.8
AP Classes
Computer Science (5) Calculus BC (5) Physics C
Advanced Classes
Magnet Advanced Algebra Magnet Chemistry Magnet Physics
Magnet Honors English 9-10 Magnet Molecular Biology Magnet Pre-calculus
Magnet Differential Equations Magnet Multivariable Calculus Honors English 11-12
Honors and Awards
Academic Letter Award (2015)
Honor Roll (2012-2013, 2014-2015)
PSAT 180+ Award (2015)
School Activities
Dolphin News Broadcast Team (2015)
Broadcast Manager
Sound Manager
General Technical Assistant
Math and Science Academy Symposium
TED Talk Speaker (2013)
The Probabilities of Battleship
Tri-fold Board Presenter (2014)
The Effect of Music Genre on Typing Speed
Project Demonstrator (2015)
Checkmate! Playing into Programming
Senior Research and Engineering Design Project
Main Programmer of an original video game
Computer Skills
Fluent in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Experience with video game design.
Able to troubleshoot and solve general computer issues.
Experience with audio/video editing and wireless network configuration.
Excellent at Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
Avid Internet User