High school is a game of chess,
A well-thought-out battle filled with stress.
I begin my game, anxious and excited,
With everything prepared, I’m super delighted;
I’ve got all my pawns in a row,
But not a clue where to go.
I methodically make my careful moves,
Hoping that my uncertain situation improves.
Making Progress
Still uncertain and weary of mistake,
I begin to feel comfortable with the moves I make.
Advance my Knight to D4, my pawn to E4,
I’ve never been so confident before.
With each meticulous move,
I slowly begin to improve.
Coming to a Close
I’ve got all pieces in play, I’ve learned the ropes,
Allowing me to strive for my dreams and hopes.
I’ve got my priorities straight, choices made,
This is the greatest game I’ve ever played.
I’ve got my game plan all laid out,
Not so well, though, that there’s no doubt;
But at this point, I’m able to make my moves,
With full confidence that my plan improves.
The End
With my plan successful, everything falling into place,
There’s nothing left to do except keep up my pace.
There’s still room for mistake, but the end is near,
And at this point I’ve ran out of fear.
I can see the end; I can hardly wait.
It’s finally over: checkmate.
High school has been a game of chess,
A hard-fought battle where I’ve found success.