Reflection on Anthem Essay Justin Mariner
This assignment was similar to most short-answer assignments in English class and most essay questions
on the SOL because it started with a specific prompt that was to be answered. The structure of this
essay three major points, each taking up a whole paragraph is a recurring theme in many writings,
such as the SOL writing prompts. Because of this, this process can be easily adapted to other
assignments that have a possibility for a 3-way breakdown of the answer. But, the format of writing
used in this essay is less applicable to the more open-ended questions that show up outside of the
classroom because of its straightforward organization.
The main pattern that I followed in this writing was the three-topic format that did not require an
outline. As far as I can remember, this essay was completed on time with the final deadline, which was
the only deadline. My approach of writing a rough draft instead of an outline proved efficient for this
particular essay and I don’t feel that an outline would’ve improved my writing by any noticeable amount
at all.
At the time of writing this essay, I was learning about individualism in English class, which is very
important in today’s society. But this essay detailed the complete opposite totalitarianism and
collectivism which is less helpful to the main idea. Because of this, I demonstrated my learning not
nearly as effectively as I could’ve by writing directly about the topic. The more I read this essay back, the
more awkward sentences I find and the worse organization gets. This was definitely an area to be
improved upon at the time and I believe I have done that by now. I do strongly feel, though, that I was
very consistent in this writing, for better or for worse. This essay, being the longest of my Sophomore
year, was a key stepping stone in excelling as a writer and a great practice for the writing SOL the
following year.
My strengths in writing consistency will definitely help me improve many other aspects of writing.
Whatever I am taught in the future about writing I am confident will be retained due to this. As stated
above, the environment in which I wrote this essay was very forgiving and lenient. I feel like it would be
beneficial to instate more guidance during a writing project such as this one. My consistency in writing
can be adapted to just about anything, such as how I speak or how I act.